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“When a bell is rung, others nearby resonate with the same frequency. We use this analogy to describe the effect of our ‘Ripples of Wellness.’”

Rising Times Newsletter

What is ROWAN?

Ripples of Wellness Action Network (ROWAN) is a subsidiary of Global Communinity Designs (GCD) which focuses on the concept of “Peer Support” and endorse it as a method for promoting mutual benefit among humanity.

The Ripples of Wellness idea revolves around the belief that when some of us achieve a state of well being, we exemplify this for others who seek a similar state of wellness. This is like mentoring and the notion of teaching by example.

ROWAN has multiple areas of activity.
One is for the offering of a program to train and employ Peer Wellness Support Specialists in the regions where we are active. These regions use central gathering spaces to explore wellness and support each other in our own Journeys of Rediscovery. We call these spaces "Wellness Labs" and each of these many locations compose the larger Wellness Initiative Network (WIN). We are working toward being involved in the continuing education aspect of re-certification, periodically needed for Peer Wellness Specialists, to be regarded as traditional health care specialists.

Another area of activity R.O.W.A.N. has on the drawing board is the operation of living environments in which “rowan” may reside, with appropriate levels of independence and/or supervision for them in their road to wellness. These sanctuary spaces build upon the notion of providing someone with "asylum" where they may feel safe, be free of stigma, judgment, and influences that could lead to potential hazards for them.

Helpful Alliance of Loved Ones (HALO) Our Ripples of Wellness HALO is a charitable project area of our organization dedicated to family and parenting support for our rowan community of kinfolk. Our mission is to support healthy wellness habits in family dynamics and help our kin with the raising of children of our community. "It takes a village to raise a child." The HALO also has a primary purpose to extend support to friends and family of people who are being unjustifiably warehoused behind locked doors of any sort. Whether it is incarceration in the jail or prison system, involuntary commitment in the mental health system, or any other sort of unlawful or unjustified imprisonment.

R.O.W.A.N. started to become a body with definition in April of 2013. At this time, only members trained as Peer Support Specialists will be involved in this area of our activities, likely to be within the range of 1/8th or 1/16th of our member population. We shall provide assistance and support services through treatment centers, Community Care Provider centers, and many institutions such as hospitals, schools, and even prisons.

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