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Global Community Designs
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Global Community Designs is the Epicenter from which multiple Circles of Light radiate, in the form of several interconnected ventures and projects. While there are a variety of different directions GCD subsidiaries take, they all have certain goals in common.
These goals include living sustainably; conserving and preserving natural resources; promoting peace; conducting all of our affairs, both personally and in business dealings, with honesty, integrity, compassion, and accountability; and creating intentional communities, both virtual and geographical, worldwide!

We believe that a return to more of a "village model" of living is possible and desirable for the benefit of ALL beings, on a global scale and beyond! The advent and far-reaching capabilities of the internet make this more achievable than ever before.

GCD Subsidiaries include:

image of rowan leaves in rippling water   R.O.W.A.N. ~ Ripples of Wellness Action Network
is our subsidiary through which we apply our attention to the concept of “Peer Support” and endorse it as a method for promoting mutual benefit among humanity. The Ripples of Wellness idea revolves around the belief that when some of us achieve a state of well being we exemplify this for others who seek a similar state of wellness.
“When a bell is rung, others nearby resonate with the same frequency. We use this analogy to describe the effect of our ‘Ripples of Wellness.’”
HALO logo - a Yin Yang image featuring land, sea, and galaxy artworkHALO   ~ Hopeful Aliance of Loved Ones
, a branch of ROWAN, is dedicated to supporting friends and family of people who are being unjustifiably imprisoned, committed, detained, or otherwise incarcerated.

EarthLight Project - a Yin Yang image featuring land, sea, and galaxy artworkThe EarthLight Project    

The EarthLight Project is focused on producing events in regions where we are active. It is our effort to present shelter for our stage, production crew, marketplace, and audience at the events we attend and produce. These EarthLight pavilions are one-of-a-kind designed, engineered, and produced with high dedication to social and environmental harmony.

Earth Om image - The Sacred Letter Om superimposed over an image of the Earth   =ACE= ~ Allied Circles of Elysium
is the more spiritual branch of our organisation - very much an organized congregation. We work for the restoration of soul in the world by ministering to the diverse needs of our members.

image   ATA ~ Allied Talent Agency
is the department through which we offer support services to our members who wish to bring their creations, be they artistic, musical, literary etc., to a larger audience.
In the spirit of mutual benefit, ATA is able to connect members who have talents with other members who seek aid in the way of specific services and vice-verse in order to assist each other in achieving their goals.

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