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Allied Circles of Elysium

Allied Circles of Elysium (=ACE=) is the more spiritual branch of our organisation - very much an organized congregation. We work for the restoration of soul in the world by ministering to the diverse needs of our members through a faith-based approach, by providing services such as offering water, coffee, and snacks at events, or a safe place to find solace.

We bring this influence to the attention of our members in easy ways they can relate to, by making sense of many themes currently in the world that donít seem related, but actually are.
For example, some inter-related themes and activities that can increase oneís awareness of community are volunteering, recycling, reusing, planting trees, gardening, cleaning up parks and waterways, and the like.

We make ordination available for those who wish to be part of this service corps and a complimentary experiential education method of training for our leadership personnel so that they may adequately minister to needs in diverse areas. Our ministers are able to perform ceremonies and rites for the common needs we have in this life like deaths, marriages, births, and other similar important passages.

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