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The EarthLight Project

Spreading Messages of Sustainability

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What it is
The EarthLight Project is a nexus point, joining artists of high moral, integrity and a passion for inspiring through music, dance, and workshops while sharing in lifestyles that are of a soulful nature.

What we do
The EarthLight Project is focused on producing events in regions where we are active. It is our effort to present shelter for our stage, production crew, marketplace, and audience at the events we attend and produce. These EarthLight pavilions are one-of-a-kind designed, engineered, and produced with high dedication to social and environmental harmony.

The purpose of this endeavor is to present a network both for localization and extra-regional connectivity so we may support our members needs to share their products, services and designs with each other and the public. This helps us build stronger member support base.

Our History
The EarthLight Project was first conceived in Black Rock City in early 2006.

Our promotion of EarthLight began in late 2011 with a Facebook conversation when we found a sustainable, light-weight stretch fabric that could be used to erect shelters without substantially compromising our commitment to excellence in Earth stewardship.

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Mission Statement
We activate people to be part of the community around them, as well as part of the decision-making process that shapes the future of their communities–recognizing that the individual community and planet are all directly connected in a symbiotic web of RelationShips.

We affirm our ability to adapt through cooperative use of technology, ancient and modern.

We produce sustainable harmony on the planet by collecting and sharing ideas, art, and solutions based in renewable technologies and mobilizing social and environmental action via many community and individual efforts.

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Vision Statement
All the world is a stage and we “Lighters of the Earth,” emerge in response to current global trends in our planetary story as a demonstration of the potential our collective evolution has realized as a human species.

Life is art and in living authentically we create immense potential to connect.

In this tradition, the petals of EarthLight are smaller intersecting areas where information regarding technologies and sustainable practices, permaculture, natural building, healing arts, nutrition, and the wisdom of the ages will be expressed through all mediums of InterrelationShip in this. EarthLight serves as deep inspiration of the magnificence we can create when we work together in the spirit of joy and service.

Our art draws inspiration from the beautiful patterns of nature which we present in the Commons, our center meeting space, the penultimate stage for global FellowShip.

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Philosophical Statement

The Body is welcomed into shelter and sustenance.

The Mind is empowered through workshops and dialogue between conscious equals.

The Soul is nourished and honored within by celebration of art music and ceremony.

As a blossoming of human potential, EarthLight transcends the structure itself and demonstrates a process by which the structure is mindfully cocreated. It is a community nexus through which performers, muse-icians, engineers, diplomats, and artisans journey in service to realize the vision of harmony between individual community and the Greater Worlds.

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Donation Information
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