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Allied Talent Agency

A big part of the Elysian Dream is creating and participating in intentional communities.
ATA, along with our Global Marketplace is the hub of our global community, where we can gather together to trade and barter our goods, services. crafts, skills and knowledge with one another in a spirit of interconnectedness, interdependence, and intertwining and concentric Circles of Light from all points of the Multiverse.

ATA is the department through which we offer support services to our members who wish to bring their creations, be they artistic, musical, literary etc., to a larger audience.

In the spirit of mutual benefit, ATA is able to connect members who have talents with other members who seek aid in the way of specific services and vice-verse in order to assist each other in achieving their goals.

The talent agency is much like other such agencies, except in that our members receive assistance with their needs at a discount, because services are offered in the spirit of mutual benefit by other members.

Our Global Marketplace will eventually host multiple storefronts and Allied Merchants all around the world, all from the same site! Allied Merchants will have an opportunity to showcase their goods and services on the Global Marketplace site, as well as discounted web hosting, design, and other services to build or improve their own website outside of the Marketplace.

Allies and Members receive discounts on all merchandise and services purchased through the Global Marketplace Storefronts, as well as advance notice of new product releases, specials, and additional discounts offered by Allied Merchants.

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